Dogs On The Campsite

Keep your dog on a lead at all times.

Your dog may be friendly, but not everyone likes dogs or wants them to sniff around their tents. Please do not exercise/ toilet your dog around the site. Use the footpaths to take your dog off site for exercise.

Dogs are not allowed into the toilet/ wash up area (unless guide dogs).
We are a working farm and do not want dogs to chase after the sheep & cattle so please keep them under control around livestock.

Clean up after your dog!

All dog mess must be picked up & disposed of.


If your dog is notoriously noisy please do not bring it to the campsite. It seriously affects other campers if you have a dog that barks a lot. It is no fun sleeping in a tent with a barking dog in the next door pitch so please be considerate.

Dog breeds

We are very wary of certain breeds of dogs. Although you might know that your dog wouldn’t cause harm other people can be really worried about them. So we are very cautious of pit bull terriers, staffordshire terriers, rottweilers, doberman pincers, huskies, mastiffs or derivatives of them, if you want to chat it through please give us a ring.

The farm dogs

Should not be up in the campsite! Unless they have caught wiff of some tempting food and sneak off to investigate.

Please do not feed them – or it encourages them to come up.

Please do not throw balls or sticks for them – as they are working dogs.