July is our busiest month of planting winter vegetables. It was really challenging as the ground had been so dry. For the plants to get going they need moisture and fertility in the soil, so the rain was very welcome. However it quickly became too much rain! We cannot plant when the ground is too sticky as it cakes all of the machines and risks causing capping under ground which stops or limits the plants rooting out. We finally finished the main planting in August, later than we had hoped. Cauliflowers are our main crop, they thrive on having to send out their small roots in search of moisture. This gives them a strong foundation to hold up against the winter storms.

We are waiting for our last plant delivery and we will be able to park up the planter ready for next year. We should be full steam harvesting in a couple of weeks, with trailer loads of organic vegetables delivered to Riverford Farms to go into their organic box scheme. While we’re waiting for kick off we’re trying to scuffle or hand weed so that the plants can get the sunshine to grow (not the weeds) and we’re keeping an eye out for caterpillars, pigeons, rabbits, deer, seagulls, aphids and any other pest that sees an easy meal!